In the Event of an Injury

Injury and Illness Procedures

The student-athlete must report all athletic injuries or illness to the certified athletic trainer on staff as soon as possible, so that an early and thorough evaluation can be accomplished. The staff athletic trainer will make the necessary medical referral as needed. In the event of an emergency at an away scrimmage/game, the head coach should contact the certified athletic trainer for necessary advice or assistance once appropriate emergency medical personnel have been contacted.

Treatments and Rehabilitation

Injured athletes are responsible for reporting to treatment either before school and/or directly after school before going to practices/games unless otherwise arranged. Failure of the athlete to report to the athletic training room will result in the sports’ appropriate coaches being notified.

Injury Evaluations

The evaluation of injured athletes is the sole responsibility of the certified athletic trainer on staff and the team physician. When an injury occurs, the coaches should not get involved in any way in the evaluation, treatment, or disposition of the athlete. Furthermore, coaches shall not screen injuries before they are seen by the certified athletic trainer on staff.

Return to Play Following Injuries

Decisions regarding the return of an injured athlete to practice and competition will be the sole responsibility of the certified athletic trainer on staff and team physician (or any other medical professional involved in the student-athlete’s care). Even if a student has been released by a physician, the certified athletic trainer on staff will have the final say as to when the athlete is ready to return.

Athletic Insurance

Athletic insurance is a secondary policy. Claim forms will automatically be filed on any supervised, sports-related injuries that result in a referral or medical treatment outside of the Athletic Training Room. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the trainer if an athlete has taken to be seen by a physician without a referral, and make sure that they have received all the paperwork from the Athletic Trainer. The secondary policy only covers athletic injuries sustained during a supervised (where a coach is present) conditioning/lifting session, practice, or event. It will not cover sickness or illness.