Multiple Teams · Senior Spotlight: Bryson Jones

BRYSON JONES – Football, Wrestling, Track & Field

  1. What are your plans for 2020-21 (education, employment, etc)? Attend the Citadel
  2. What is your favorite memory from your time as an Emerald athlete? Going to the 3rd round of playoffs [football]
  3. Team Highlights: My sophomore year we won the region [2-AAA] for football.
  4. Individual Awards: In my junior year, I received All-Region, WCRS Player of the game, and the Ironman of the Year award. My Senior year I received All-Region, Offensive MVP, and made the All-Lakelands Team
  5. What is your advice for the teammates who will play on your team next season? Though it may seem hard at times always work to improve in areas you struggle most in. 
  6. Will you be competing in college? I will be playing football at the Citadel as well as track and field.
  7. Is there anyone you would like to thank from your time at Emerald? All my teammates and coaches for shaping me into the player I am today, and the EHS staff members for the constant support and advice.

Coach David Payne on Bryson: Bryson is a kind and respectful young man. He is also driven and dedicated. He is willing to sacrifice his preferences and comfort to succeed individually and as a part of a team. He is sure to be successful in his time at the Citadel.