Girls Varsity Cross Country · Vickery Shines in “Playoffs”

It is 8th-grader Zoe Vickery’s first season of cross country, but she does not race or perform like a rookie. Her talent, competitive drive, and poise under pressure have allowed her to look and act the part of a battle-tested veteran. She has been a medalist at her last two races. She finished 9th (23:42) at the Region Championships on October 14. A week later she finished 6th (22:13) at the Greenwood-Abbeville County Championships. Her next race will be this Saturday at Woodmont High School for the Upper State Qualifier. Zoe took a moment to answer a few questions about her first-year experiences with cross country.


  • What has been your favorite part of this cross country season? Practices. I enjoy coming to cross country practice every day because, although they may be hard, they are always fun and my teammates are so kind.
  • What is the toughest part of a cross country race? Finding the strength to finish the course. Whenever I have to run a challenging race (which is every race) it can be difficult for me to push through the pain. But it is SO worth it!
  • What would you say to a student who was considering joining the XC team in 2018? DO IT! Cross country has been so much fun for me. Everyone has been so nice and caring. The only advice I would have would be to get ready to work HARD!
  • What was your first thought when you found out you were a member of the all-region team? I didn’t know what that was or that I could qualify for it. During the race, I would hear people yell numbers but I never really processed that it was my placing until the end, and I still thought that I was just the ninth person to finish. I didn’t think it was for all-region. I am super pleased tthat I am on the all-region team.
  • What are your goals for the rest of the season? I do not have a specific goal to achieve but I want to finish this season strong and race these last few races with all that I’ve got.