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Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · These Girls (And Guy) are Good

Emerald Track & Field will host their final home meet of the 2017 season today against Berea, Calhoun Falls, Dixie, Greenwood Christian, and Strom Thurmond. The season has gone well so far because of the leadership of athletes on the team: like Elizabeth Self, Sarah Grace Chrisley, and Jamil Martin. As we look forward to what the rest of the 2017 campaign will hold, we pause to look back at March 11, when these three athletes went to the Golden Corner Invitational (Seneca)  to compete in the pentathlon. The boys competed in long jump, high jump, discus, 200m, and 1500m. The girls competed in long jump, high jump, shot put, 100m  hurdles, and 800m. Elizabeth won the girls competition, setting a meet record. Sarah Grace finished 5th, while Jamil finished 4th on the boys’ side. They respond to questions about the meet below.

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  • What was your favorite event on Saturday?


      • Liz – Shot Put was by far my favorite event because it had no running and it relied on brute strength. Also, it was something new, and I enjoyed competing in something different.
      • Sarah Grace – Shot, because I won it off a PR, and it was the event I felt the most comfortable in.
      • Jamil –  I really enjoyed them all. It was a great experience but if i had to pick, I liked Long Jump, High Jump, 200m, and the Discus in that order.  


  • What was the toughest event?


      • Liz – The 800 meter run. This race involves endurance and mental toughness, so imagine running the event after competing in four other events
      • Sarah Grace – The toughest was the 800m for me. The first lap I felt was easy but when I realized I still had another 400m to go, I felt like my body shut down. Luckily I finished, but I know from that performance if I work I can do a lot better.
      • Jamil – 1500m. I didn’t really practice for that. I was glad I was able to finish close to everybody else and get 6:05.

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  • Which event were you most confident about beforehand?


      • Liz – Long jump, because this is one of my core events. I had a great jump, won the event by a foot and a half, and just fell a few inches short of a personal record.
      • Sarah Grace –  I was most confident about shot.
      • Jamil – Long jump and high jump


  • What was your favorite memory from the weekend?


      • Liz – Competing with one of my best friends was my favorite memory. We were able to help each other in certain events and support each other. It was great seeing Sarah Grace win shot put.
      • Sarah Grace – My favorite memory was doing it. That day will stick with me forever because that is the event I will be doing in college. So to have that day as a reference to see how much improvement I have will be awesome. I competed better than I expected I would that day and I know next time I do it, I am going to be a whole different athlete.
      • Jamil -Everything. I loved it all.

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  • What would you do differently?


    • Liz – I would have prepared more for the events in practice, and I would have brought sunscreen.
    • Sarah Grace – I would prepare myself better, work harder, and have more confidence in myself. Big things are about to come for me this year, and I plan on working hard to see them happen.
    • Jamil – Remember to practice the discus and 1500 before that event, because I don’t want to come in 4th again. I wanted at least top 3.

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