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Multiple Teams · On the Court: Brother & Sister

After watching siblings Kianna and Keivous Hankinson play basketball, you will notice several similarities: athleticism, intelligence, and courage. Read further below to see what they think about each other. If you want to see them play in person, Keivous is at home against Berea (Tuesday) and Palmetto (Friday) this week. Kianna will travel to both of these schools this week, and will be at home next against Powdersville (Jan 31).

VBB vs BHP 518

  • Who is the better shooter (you or your sibling)?
  • Kianna – my brother
  • Keivous – me
  • Who is the better defender (you or your sibling)?
  • Kianna – my brother
  • Keivous – me
  • Do you all play basketball together at home?
  • Kianna – yes, sometimes
  • Keivous – sometimes
  • What is your favorite memory with your sibling?
  • Kianna – Playing basketball together
  • Keivous – When I let her beat me to 21
  • What are your personal goals for the season?
  • Kianna – To have all good grades and to be successful in all things (basketball, school, etc.)
  • Keivous –  I just want to be the best I can be this year so everything will just fall in place.


Answer each of these questions about your brother/sister:

  • What makes them a good basketball player?
  • Kianna – He practices every day
  • Keivous – Her height & her decent amount of basketball IQ
  • What is the best part of their game?
  • Kianna – rebounding and scoring
  • Keivous – passing and rebounding
  • Describe them in 5 words or less:
  • Kianna – tall, smart, good player, quiet at school, and funny
  • Keivous – competitive and smart
  • What is one thing that others should know about them.
  • Kianna – He doesn’t like losing.
  • Keivous – She is competitive.